Custom Picture Framing
4905 W Clay St
Richmond, VA 23230

Over 25 Years...

Welcome to Richmond Frame & Design.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  We us conservation museum acid free materials and offer unique framing design  ideas.  John Terry and Deedi Matzuk have been working in the custom picture framing business for over 25 years, both  worked at Suitable for  Framing more than 20 years.


It's all in the details...

We operate from a philosophy that fine art deserves the utmost in attention. 
For design and art professionals, as well as fine art collectors, this attention to detail assures framing solutions tailored to the  individual's specific needs including family photographs, diplomas,  children's artwork to fine art.  We have several hundred picture frames  to choose from, portrait and period frames, gold leaf, hand carved,   burl, and a full array of economical frames.  

Richmond  Frame & Design is recognized by galleries, museums, collectors and  design professionals as being one of the finest in the field.   Client satisfaction is always our first priority.

We are located in the Willow Lawn area.